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Why Multi Family?

Leverage: Investing in Multi Family assets allows for maximization of returns through small adjustments. For example, consider the income made from a $10 rent increase for one tenant in one rental house versus the same rent increase applied across multiple tenants in a 100 unit apartment complex.

Economies of Scale: In Multi Family costs relating to management, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and taxes are lower per unit. In simplest terms, consider the cost between buying a dozen donuts versus twelve individual donuts.

Diversification: Diversifying passive income streams is not only smart, but in uncertain markets, it is necessary. Multi Family assets have the potential to produce residual income that can allow you to construct a financial safety net, leverage your own portfolio, and pursue your own passions.

Find under-appreciated Multi Family properties, obtain non-recourse financing, improve operating performance, generate cash flow (aka: “mail box money”) for our investors, and earn appreciation over a holding period.

We typically create single asset LLCs with Miles Multi Family acting as the asset manager. Investors receive distribution payments via check. While the distribution amount may fluctuate depending on the asset’s performance, adjustments are made on a quarterly basis, or as necessary.

 Investor Criteria
Miles Multi Family is looking for investors that fit the following criteria:
–  Investor is Sophisticated. S/he has a clear understanding of both the risks and rewards of investing in various markets (real estate, stock market, private equity, etc.) either through experience or personal enrichment (classes, books, mentorship, etc.).
–  Investor is Accredited according to SEC guidelines.

–  Investor is interested in a long-term, non-liquid investment with cash flow and capital gains.
–  Investor is comfortable with a $25,000 minimum investment.
–  Investor has access to a CPA and attorney to advise on investments of this nature.

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